Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hypocrisy and me

Jon brought to my attention last weekend that my having a blog is hypocritical of me when I talk about the uselessness of Myspace, Facebook, or Twitter. I understand the similarity between sharing my thoughts and some photographs on Blogspot and those of you who chose to do so on a social network. I understand the similiarity but my opinion is totally different. I don't have 500 friends on here and I'm not checking status updates every two hours. I use my blog as a channel for my energy and thoughts, that's about it. I am grateful for it because I have my own personal journal that won't ever be erased; I'm just not much for handwriting anymore. I wouldn't fret if I lost my three readers (Sarah, Tasi, & Krysten.. I love you) because in a lot of ways this is for me. I go back and read my posts a lot, it's just as theraputic as when I write them.
I have several family members and friends who are attached to a networking account and I don't think any less of them. My opinion of the situation is just that, an opinion. I'm not trying to force anyone else to agree with me or to see my way.
This post is to extend an apology to anyone I may have offended by my previous post. Don't be upset by my opinion. I don't care if somebody finds my having a blog and hating Facebook hypocritical, neither should you.



krystn said...

I think a blog is totally different. People get on facebook and it's all about "I'm awesome, I did this" or "I'm going here". Although some blogs are run along the same lines, I don't think yours falls into that category. Love ya!! When are when does Black Swan come out?

Natasha said...

I think blogging is totally different. Like you, for me the blog is mainly for myself and if people read that's great. I use blogging as a way to organize thoughts and remember moments. Facebook is about making your life seem interesting to everyone else even though you're just sitting on facebook and not doing anything. :) I am addicted to facebook and while I love it it does have a dark side for sure.