Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cleora Blanche Durant Arnell

My Grandma was just like any other Grandma.
She passed away on September 15, 2008 at the age of 87yrs. Her last days here with us were sad ones, she suffered quietly while all of us watched her go. As hard as it is to accept the death of someone close to you, most of my family realized it was time for her to move on. The state she was living in was no state for any human being to live in at all. When you can't eat or speak your worth starts to diminish within you. She felt it, she knew, and she was ready.

The hardest part is watching those that are left behind struggle. My Grandpa wept constantly at her side for two weeks prior to her passing. He loved her, I never saw it before as much as I saw it then. His frail 92 year old body laid out across her as he would plead to her that he loved her and that he would be okay, it was okay for her to finally sleep. I don't blame him, they were together for a total of 72 years; that's longer than some people live here on this earth and 50 years before I was even born. It was also extremely difficult to watch my Dad cry-he was losing his Mommy something I can't nor do I want to ever relate to. It's weird seeing someone that you view as your strength (my dad) for so many years in such a sad state of mind.

I was in charge of the photographs for her viewing and funeral. Going through all the photographs I could find of her from her infant stages up until a month or so ago-it occured to me her life experiences were lying right there in front of me. Now that she was gone it was only her family and this pile of photographs that held her memory. It brought my mortality to surface and I realized that life is really too short.

I think we can all learn a lesson from this. Live your life to its fullest and take a lot of pictures along the way!

I love you grandma and you will be greatly missed.