Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Some things never change

...oh, but they do.

I can look back on the past five years of my life and I see extreme change. It's been on my mind lately anyway, but its funny the things that happen to bring what's changed to the surface of my brain evermore. I ran into a gal that I used to work with @ Union Grill, aw, my first job-such memories. I was only 18 years old then, so naive, and close to clueless on what it was like to be responsible for something. In ways I envy who I was then, I constantly envy my past which is a continuous problem and also not what I'd like to touch on right moving on...
Jon and I had a conversation about how we're always living for tomorrow. Everybody is always pushing to get through today. I think what happens to most of us is that we forget we are living today. Today is as much a part of your life as tomorrow will be, or the next day. I know I'm guilty for living for my weekends. Do I enjoy myself more on the weekends? Well sure, but I'd like to start enjoying everyday as I do my weekends. Even though work is involved, I should be able to remind myself to enjoy a minor part of each passing day. If you want to get severely deep into this and be technically frank...if you think about it, each day that passes only leads you closer to your inevitable death. A sick thought, but an eye opener I think. All of us should start slowing down, smell the roses, watch the sunset-or if you're ambitious the sunrise. Joy can be found in so many things that we take for granite. It makes complete sense to me now that when I was younger I was anxiously awaiting being older, and now that I'm older I'm wishing I could go back to my younger days again. If I would have slowed down back then I would have been able to better enjoy the things that I had no idea would change, the people that would come and go. It's a great lesson I've learned the hard way. I'm going to make a point to start living today and living just how I want to. Take this advice or leave it, but I'm going to be vain and say this is very good advice.

Folks, what was once the title to a great soap opera...'these are the days of our lives,' your life. Start realizing it. Live for today, and everyday after that.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Shout OUT! to my Sarah Clydie

I'm envious of this young gal, she's much smarter than I was at the age of fifteen.
Like her, I am the youngest child in my family and it wasn't long ago that I remember the time when my siblings were getting married and moving on in their life and I just felt sort of left behind. I am unsure if Sarah feels this way, but I'm sure she can relate a little bit. I went through my rebellious teen phase where family came second to friends and popularity, only to realize later on in my life that family should always come first. Over numerous occasions Sarah has proven to me that she understands the concept of family already and she does what she can to pull us all together, and might I mention what a grueling task this can be. I find now that I am the one in my immediate family doing what I can to plan trips, game nights, dinners out...or any opportunity for my family to spend quality time together. It isn't easy getting several different lives to meet together all the same night and at the same time, but when you do it is more than worth it.
Last weekend Sarah planned a poker night for all of us and believe it or not we were all able to make it. We had an amazing night-had the parents up until 1:30am, and laughed until we cried. It's an everlasting memory I'll have all thanks to you Ms. Sarah. You are such a beautiful and strong girl...I just wanted you to know that somebody notices.
I love you, sis. :)