Monday, December 1, 2008

Powell: My Heaven

Ever since I can remember my family and I have been going down to Lake Powell. Being that its located in the very state I live in and that it's also one of my favorite places to vacation makes it nice for me. As far as I'm concerned there isn't any place like it; the way the glistening blue green fades into the calcium deposited white of water levels past, and finally into the ever famous russet brown and black that dominates Southern Utah.

I could list a hundred reasons why I love this place:
1. sun
2. beautiful
3. hot
4. relaxing
5. memorable
The lake is so powerful in all of its 186 miles. Sometimes the feelings I get are indescribable when I'm down there. The open aired freedom of the water, the sun, and the sky gives anyone the ability to breath. Breath deep and sure. The last time we were down there it was almost like therapy for me. Like I had checked into a rehabilitation center where I could completely be myself. Previous to our trip my grandmother passed away- literally days before we left, and last summer was close to hell. I've had a pretty eventful year. The night before we left we had to attend a friend's wedding and I was able to stand up for myself towards two supposed "friends" of mine, a first for me-it was a liberating experience. (and too long of a story to tell) I appreciated that I had this beautiful place to mull over my past, present, and future feelings. This time around I was able to breeze through the first two books of the Twilight Saga, I tanned, I swam, ate good food...I took it all in and God it was great.

If I had to chose my serenity, here is where it would be:
Here are a few pictures of my time down there:

Attika and I on a boat ride. It was so cute-she loved being in the sun, she instantly fell asleep.

All of us that went. We hiked up to Rainbow Bridge.

Nate (my brother) and I while we were exploring Face Canyon.

Playing Polish Poker. The only cute one at this table is Bree. lol.

Attika and Ketta on their first boat ride. They loved it.

Bree and I on our hike.

Gunsight Butte, where we camped. The houseboat.

Jon and the girls @ Dangling Rope Marina.

Our last night there just over the wall someone put on the most amazing firework show. It was incredible.

Jon and I.

Creating our own firework show.

Where I spent most of my time reading Twilight.

A beautiful place.