Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Roots

As I was driving home from the store last night, the sky was lit up with orange, I could feel the sun on my skin and it's glimmer in my eyes. A feeling came over me, one I have yet to experience- I felt as if I have and would live forever. (Those of you who know me, can be positive that I have never felt this way before) My mind wandered to a few moments I have spent living, really just living.
I spend a lot of my time reflecting on my childhood. Mine, like most, consisted of elementary school which opens my mind up to numerous things like:
Monkey Bars (I was a pro at skipping two at a time)
Sand Box
Four Square
Hop Scotch
Coloring books
Lunch Money
Lunch Ladies (Mrs. Manly-the name speaks for itself)
School shopping (buying Kleenex to contribute to the class)
Outside of school there was:
Night games
Running through the sprinklers
Friends or Cousins (There wasn't a difference back then)
...and the list goes on and on. I could seriously go on forever. I'm sure reading my list opens up your mind to your piece of a childhood experience. Summer. Summer was golden. No school for three whole months! I remember the smell of freshly cut grass and itching uncontrollably after running around in it for hours at night, begging my Mom to let me stay just a LITTLE while longer at Melissa's house. Comparing my childhood summer to the ones I experience now opens my eyes to how different something can be when your mind set has changed along with your priorities. Some things I don't think will ever change- of course that's how you become who you are today. What was truly important back then and what stands out in your memory is certainly what's important to you now and what makes you who you are. As a young girl and especially now I love the holidays. My heart melts when Halloween hits; I love the holidays that follow. I remember my Dad was the one who took me trick-or-treating, to this day I love the smell of Thanksgiving dinner, I remember spending Christmas Eve with the Lambros side and Christmas day with the Arnell side, now it's completely different. Although where I might be is different my feelings toward the situation remain the same. I can't say if what I'm saying is understandable or if it sounds like utter madness. I can say that I am grateful for the small puzzle pieces of my life that come together and make me who I am now. Memories are small fractions of highlighted moments in your life. I'm positive that I can dig up negative ones, but it happens on rare occasion. I thank my family, at most my parents for the memories I do have. In conclusion I would like to add a couple of songs that trigger memories for me.

The Cranberries-Zombie
This reminds me of my sister Melanie and driving with her in her rad blue geo storm.
Fleetwood Mac-Dream or Landslide
This reminds me of taking drives with my Mom. We were best friends, we still are.
Nate, my brother, rocking this tune on his guitar. Metallica period reminds me of Nate as a teenager.
Right Said Fred-I'm too Sexy
This reminds me of a time when Michelle (before she was my sister-in-law) babysat me.
Depeche Mode-Violator
Kirk (my brother-in-law) buying me this album for Christmas.
Reba Mcintire-Studio Album
The whole album reminds me of driving up to our family cabin in Alpine, Wyoming with my parents. I miss that place so much.
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers-Free Fallin
A time at Lake Powell when just our immediate family went and my siblings and their spouses cranked this song to ward off our party neighbors.
Tim McGraw-My Little Girl
When my Dad and I had our first dance at my wedding. I love you Dad.

I feel lucky to have lived the way I have, and at the rate I'm going I do feel like I could live forever.

P.S. Recognize the small things in life. Sometimes those are the most important.