Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pocket Perfect Calendar

I've been struggling with being an organized house wife. Either I get home from work and can't possibly dream up what to have for dinner so we end up with take out, or when the weekend gets here I realize I haven't vacuumed the carpet all week. My poor house feels neglected, not to mention my husband's stomach. He does the majority of the cooking, he is so awesome at it and I think he thoroughly enjoys it. That doesn't mean that I want him to be the only cook in the house, I need to step up and take charge.

So here's where this idea came in. I wanted to create a calendar small enough for the fridge that could hold our meals for the week as well as chores that need to be done on a weekly basis. I spent an afternoon (at work) typing up our favorite meals, must be done chores, as well as each month and numbers.

Here is the outcome:

Things you'll need:
Cardboard (backing)
Scrapbook paper
Card Stock
A computer/ printer
Mod Podge
Paper clips
Foam brush
Your imagination ;)
Glue Gun
Needle & Thread

I typed up several meals that Jon and I love to have as well as a few cute things like: Kiss your husband/wife, Dinner out!, and Do something sweet!....I also typed up various chores we have around the house as well as a few extras: ...Organize something, Pick weeds (spring/summer based of course), etc. At the beginning of each week I will choose what meals we'll have and what chores need to be done and place them in the appropriate day's pocket. That way I know what meals we're having when I get home from work, I can make sure ahead of time that we have what we need in order to make this meal, and the house will keep clean! I also thought of the idea to have Jon and I take turns picking what's out of the pocket..that way I'm not always the one cooking (more like neither is he HaHa) and I'm not always the one doing chores.

I'm really excited about this.